Welcome to Regalier Literature

We are a supplement of Regalier Magazine that focuses on Fine Arts and Literature with an exclusive annual digital magazine.

What can be submitted?

Short stories, Flash fictions, Micro fictions, Non-Fictions

All forms of Poems, Poetry and videos of Spoken Word.

Excerpt of your published or upcoming book.

Stand a chance to be on Regalier’s Cover!

Submit your work and stand a chance to get selected to be on the cover of Regalier Magazine and Regalier Literature Magazine. The runner ups get to be exclusively interviewed for a feature within the magazine.

Please note that selections will be made by our editorial team.

You can choose to submit your prose, poetry or request for an interview on our website.

All content will be shown from September 2022 onward.

You can choose to submit your prose, poetry or request for an interview in our Exclusive Annual Magazine.

Annual Magazine of Regalier Literature that will be digitally published Worldwide in September 2022.

How to Submit?

Step 1: Compose a new email and add contact@regalierliterature.com in the recipient.

Step 2: In the Subject write:- ‘Submission for Regalier Literature’ – [Magazine/ Website (Any One)] – YOUR NAME

Step 3: In the Text, make sure you add the name of the document, the style of prose or poetry and the genre. Then attach your document in .docx and send. Make sure that you have checked your before attaching. No need for a cover letter.

Submissions till July 2022 are free of all admin costs.


We are always here to help. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any query from the email id below or from the form on the right.


Our Global Luxury Magazine website:

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